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Please note, that I only work with autistic children and teenagers

Hy, my name is Mira-Marlene Zajicek, I'm an occupational therapist for over 

13 years and mother of a teenager. I worked in many different areas, mainly in the field of neurology and paediatrics, but also in the field of immunology, gerontology, geriatric psychiatry, hand therapy and orthopedics.

I discovered my love for the autistic work field, when I was a mobile therapist for autistic children and teenagers. There I spent 2-4 hours per day with one child at home, on the playground, in school, in the supermarket, in public transportations, on the way to the doctor and learned a lot about what kind of different needs and challenges can occur in their everyday life. Also, I discovered my passion for parents training and coaching. From that moment I searched for evidence based autism therapy concepts, that would be effective. 

This was the time, when I discovered the ESDM (Early Start Denver Model), an evidence-based therapy programme for young children with autism.

ESDM analyses and trains areas of speech/communication, socialization, imitation, cognition, fine and gross motor skills and self dependency.   If you want to learn more about the ESDM click here.

In my work, I use a wide range of therapy concepts, depending what is fitting the child's and family's needs. 

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy aims to improve the occupational competence of your child, by improving the child's development, independency of your child, the participation in the every life and to improve the quality of life of your family.

A paediatric occupational therapist trains all areas of the childs development and every day life and helps you to do activities, that are important for you, your child and your family.



    Parents are an important part of the therapy. They also get to choose, which therapy goals are important for their child and the family.

    Also, when I think it would be useful, parents become involved in the therapy sessions to learn how:

    • to use play and every day life activities for their child's development
    • to increase the child's body perception
    • to get in contact with their child
    • to improve the child's perception of the surrounding
    • to foster communication and self dependency
    • successful toilet training can be done
    • to structure activities and the daily life
    • to reduce anxiety, stress, aggression or behaviour problems


      It's not possible to heal autism, but you can do a lot to improve your child's development! In the early childhood, because of the brain plasticity, therapy and training are more effective than in the later years. But I also believe in the lifelong possibilities of learning and development. 

      What you need at the beginning

      Please bring these documents to the first therapy session: 

      1.  The autism diagnosis finding paper from a psychologist or doctor (Befund)
      2. Other relevant diagnosis and test papers from the autism diagnosis process, or other findings from comorbidities like ADHD, epilepsy, genetic defects
      3. A Doctor's referral paper from your doctor or kids doctor (Verordnung)

      On the doctor's referral should be written: 

      - the autism diagnosis 

      - 10x oder 20x Ergotherapie 60 Minuten 


      When ÖGK is your health insurance company: 

      Normally, there are only allowed 10 therapy sessions written on each doctor referral. After these 10 sessions, if your child needs more therapy, you will need a new doctor referral. But because autism is a pervasive developmental disorder that often needs intensive care/therapy, you can ask the doctor to write "20 Einheiten Ergotherapie a 60 Minuten" on the referral. If you need further information, you can show the doctor the following text from the ÖGK: 

      "(3) Die ergotherapeutische Behandlung ist nur aufgrund ärztlicher Anordnung vorzuneh­men. Die ärztliche Anordnung hat eine Diagnose, die gewünschte Leistung und deren Anzahl zu enthalten. Gegebenenfalls ist die Notwendigkeit eines Hausbesuches anzugeben. Grundsätzlich sollen maximal 10 Behandlungen pro Zuweisung verordnet werden; mit besonderer Begründung eines intensiven Behandlungsbedarfes (z. B. bei Multiple Sklerose, Parkinson, cerebraler Insult, Demenz, Kinder mit tiefgreifenden Entwicklungsstörungen oder cerebralen Schädigungen) maxi­mal 20 Behandlungen. "

      Source and full text is here

      Costs and refund

      Occupational therapy - 60 minutes: € 90.- 

      Occupational finding paper: € 90.-

      Online coaching for parents or colleagues - 60 minutes: € 90.-


      After you paid the therapy, your health insurance company pays back parts of the costs. ÖGK pays back €54,47.- per session. Other health insurances pay back up to €60.- or more. Some private insurances pay the total costs back. 

      For more info from ÖGK click here

      Additional financial help

      Low-income families have the possibility of requesting a one-off subsidy from the following organisations:

      Licht ins Dunkel
      Rotes Kreuz
      Verein Moritz

      Verein Help Mobile